295-caOn November 1, 2013 I contacted and signed up for their dial-up internet service, I paid for the service by prepaid credit card but discovered my Laptop was not setup to use dial-up so they referred me to their sister company “Worldline”. I again signed up and then waited for the modem delivery, another story, the package was being held at the Loomis depot in Ottawa, they said they couldn’t find the address, after numerous calls to worldline, 5 days passed and after myself calling loomis with the address which they already had, they finally delivered the package, I then connected the modem but it didn’t work, so I called Worldline support a number of times to no end. On November 20, 2013 I filled a complaint with the CCTS (Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunication Services), all the payment receipts and return labells are available here, WorlddemonI still had no internet so when I called on Nov 22, 2013 I was told, they informed me the service was canceled, my CSSD Web Essentials program is all online, and the internet was to ensure I was able to continual my studies but Equifax had other plans, they have caused most of my pain and suffering for the last 10 years or so out of retaliation for a LGBTQI individual beating them in a court of law, in 2006 when I was leaving the court house, as I exited the front door, an individual I was not acquainted with said, you will never feel safe at your job again, after being Bullied, Mobbed and fired from every Job since, I know now they meant it. To one with a monthly income of $545, $87.15 is a lot of money and I am now waiting unsure if I will even get my money back.
from: TerKin
to: Response
date: Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 2:18 PM
subject: Re: 00000000395695
Me: I have included a copy of the information being requested below, as no confusion over thelogo.en information provided, as I answer your concerns:
CCTS: We have received your email of complaint dated November 20th, 2013. However, in order for the CCTS to proceed with your complaint, you must provide us with certain key information in order to help facilitate the assessment of your complaint. Specifically, the CCTS requires you to provide the following information:
ยท The specific details of your complaint:
– the exact charges in question;
– For service delivery, the date(s) that your service was disconnected, was supposed to be installed or the date where your service stopped functioning.

Me: The exact charges in question are as follows
– payment November 1, 2013 ($18.28).
– Worldline November 4, 2013 ($68.87)
Total amount I am requesting returned ($87.15), Both payments were made by prepaid credit card, copies of the payment confirmation are attached. Also I am attaching a copy of the waybill sent to me this morning to return the modem, I have packaged the modem and taken it to Canada Post, I have also included a image of the package. Last I made payment on Nov 4, 2013, I was told a Technician would have to visit to install the jack for the modem, and the service department would be contacting me to set a date and time for the install, I was never contacted to set a date or time for the service visit. I made numerous calls and emails to Billing, Technical support and customer service, to no end, so I contacted the mother company “Fibernetics” also in Ontario but have not received a response from them as of yet.
I am hoping this will clarify my issues, thank you for your consideration to this matter.
Best regards
Melvin T Kinden
14-36 rue Tasse
Gatineau, QC

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