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For the Third Year in a Row, the European Commission’s Safer Internet Program (SIP) Recognizes PureSight Owl as a Leading Parental Control Tool
gI_60371_15PureSight Owl, ranked highest overall in the SIP Benchmark III study for parental controls tools, funded by the European Commission’s Safer Internet Program (SIP-Bench III). This is the third year in a row that PureSight achieves the highest overall score in this benchmark, which tests for functionality, effectiveness, security and usability, for all age groups.
“The SIP report is a comprehensive and professional study of different parental control solutions. We are proud to be recognized by the SIP-Bench III as a leading parental control product,” said Ouri Azoulay, PureSight CEO. “At PureSight, we combine technological advantages, usability expertise and psychological considerations to empower children and teenagers to navigate safely though the Internet. We are confident that in the coming years parents will be more involved in their kids’ online lives and we are happy to take part, together with SIP, in this awareness raising trend.”
PureSight Owl allows parents to protect their children on devices such as PCs, smart phones, tablets and residential gateways. With PureSight Owl children are safe from cyberbullying on social networks such as Facebook. Parents can receive alerts about suspicious contacts and inappropriate chat partners and protect their kids from hurtful web content, as well as schedule Internet use. PureSight Owl can be downloaded at http://www.puresight.com.
About the SIP – Benchmark III Study
The objective of the SIP BENCH III – Benchmarking of parental control tools study is to help end users – notably parents and child carers – to choose the most appropriate parental control tool that best fits their needs. The study benchmarks effectiveness, performance, usability, configurability, transparency, security (resistance to hacking and other security issues), suitability, and customization for European users and new forms of digital content. This was done by means of eight-monthly objective, vendor/supplier-independent, expert assessments of products, tools and other systems and services that allow users to control children’s access to inappropriate content online and monitor their usage behavior.
About PureSight
PureSight Technologies Ltd. was established in 2008 with the mission of providing a safe online environment for the world’s children. Our product is distributed directly to parents, via ISPs, Mobile Operators, OEMs, and distributors.
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