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downloadIf you could witness the sort of things I do, when it relates to the horror’s of our brother’s and sisters, “The Holocaust in Russia”, I call it, they contact me, some just barely 13 years old, begging, promising to do anything I want, for asylum, how afraid they are, desparate keeping in mind that I’m using Google Translate as a means of communication, and only get half of what they actual say. I have never done a post about the horror’s in Russia, not because I’m not aware of what exactly is transpiring, I felt it every day, I lived it everyday, fear of “HOMOPHOBIA” it has been the one and only consistent thing in my life. I get hundreds of emails, messages and requests of all sorts from all over the world, the worst feeling is to hear the cry for help, while tied up, not able to offer any assistance. Do you know what it feels like to live your life in a constant state of fear? NO..well I do, so do a lot of others, but nobody knows better than I “Exactly” the hell our LGBTQI brother’s and sister’s are going though in Russia, it’s the reason 130827-gay-all-overI am shouting out loud…because you see, it is my only avenue to be heard and to satisfy my need to do something, to help a since of purpose. Yes I read the news articles and follow what’s going on for the most part, most times I get angry and pissed off, so I don’t go there, I only wish I could help some how, but it’s next to impossible, because seems as if the whole world has gone crazy. Our hearts are with them but regardless of what’s going on in Russia against our LGBTQI brother’s and sister’s, or another proud moment in American’s Battle for “Marriage Equality” and LGBTQI History. It’s amazing that as of today 17 states with legislation for Marriage Equality, that leaves only 34 more states to jump in the saddle and be a Country of “Complete Marriage Equality”, hats of to you. As an Affiliate of Plan Canada, just to mention one, when I hear about all the kids that are dying from hunger all over the world alone is alarming, and grabs your attention, well mine any how. first6This subject upsets me so, I will only add one additional opinion and that is; if the United Nations were to intervene, a possibility of maybe a major conflict to protect our LGBTQI brother’s and sister’s in Russia, I would galdly give my life, if it would save theirs. In closing and most importantly, I am currently concentrating all of my efforts on “Awareness and Prevention” of Bullying, Cyber-Bullying and Workplace Bullying, Kids are dying, kids are killing themselves, kids are dying of Hunger, kids are being abused, kids are being sold into slavery just to mention a few, this is unacceptable and as far as I’m concerned, it’s the most important issue of today, above anything else. kids are the future, lets make sure there is one they can enjoy, and one, they “ALL” are here to live, free & Equal….I am hopping that this will help clarify where I stand…cheers…Lotsa Luv ๐Ÿ™‚

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