Kick Down the Door of Fear

Thomas MaxwellI don’t think we need to define what fear means to us. I feel like the more we define what Love means to us, it simply opens the up door to a dark room lighting everything inside, rather than us trying to run around the room with a flashlight. I don’t think that’s going to work really well, and I think its only going to scare us more than we already are. And every time we open up “this door” in one aspect of our lives, it ALLOWS God to come and fill us, “I Won’t Ever Stop Loving” by Simple Tom.

Fill us full of Love.

Fill us full of passion and inspiration and peace and its said that EVERYTHING that is good, is God, which is also different “distortions” or derivatives of Love that we’ve assigned different names for.

So God is Love.

So EVERY single aspect of you that has fear is like “a door” that has not been opened yet, which is essentially a part of you that your not allowing God or Love to fill. What this means is that to allow God to fill our lives full of abundance and Love, we must face our fears, or “UNVEIL THE DARKNESS”, to release that which we are resisting or fearful of. This only happens though when we make the CONSCIOUS CHOICE to “open up that door” and face our fears. This will drive your EGO crazy, but it has to be done to reconnect with God and with Love, and to HEAL those parts of your life.
Know that its ok that your scared. I’m terrified some days of facing different situations.
But REMEMBER and KNOW, that as soon as you KICK that door down you will feel 100x better, And since we defined God as Love, passion and inspiration… I’d say its a pretty positive and worth while decision.

And have an amazing day!
Nov 27, 2013 by Thomas Maxwell

P.S. Remember that You ARE loved more than you can even imagine! Don’t ever EVER forget that. You literally cannot even conceive of how much you are Loved, Just thought you should know that.Love heart
If you have an extra minute or two, please check out this excellent tune by this extremely talented young man, Thomas Maxwell. Lotsa Luv is all you need cheers ๐Ÿ™‚

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