A Christmas Wish


 A Christmas Wish that never came true ~ A Christmas Wish that I will never do ~ Terry.K

MON-ROSESHi friends, with the Christmas season fastly approaching, there is only one wish I have, and that would be to wake up Christmas morning and see my mom’s face, just once more to be able to spend Christmas day with her, but with the way my life situation is right now, it is and probably will be just a hopeless wish, I really love and miss you so much. Not knowing how much time she has left, before she gets her wish, and that is to be with my Dad again, please forgive me for not being there at such a crucial time in your life, but know it really breaks my heart. I love you more than anything dear Mother, there are no words right now to express how I feel, a storm of emotions have taken control, for the one I hold to myself of love I do know. Love you forever & always.

UPDATE Jan 2015

“A Prelude to BILL C-51”

One year later, November 2014 my mother passed away, not getting the chance to see her one last time, but most importantly, the respect above all else of one’s parents destroying my relationship with my family because I couldn’t attend her funeral they believed to be my choice.
But rather because of Bill C-51 whereas the government (Police Services) through the invasion of privacy due to a hunch, they also destroyed my relationships with, friends, colleagues and acquaintances, I was bullied and harassed out of my current employment, lost of all future employment prospects, lost of health services, destruction of personal property, exclusion from home safety, security and privacy just to name a few, in essence stealing the life out from under me, taking my dignity and self worth, now questioning life itself, and they proceeded without any remorse, regret or empathy!
So if your not concerned about Bill C-51, I suggest you prepare for the worst because your in for a rude awakening if you don’t speak up now and save yourselves and your lives.

The facts of this statement can be found if you look above in the menus and click on “When Defiance Over Rules Kindness“.

Article by Terry.K ~ Posted Dec 8, 2013

The New Bullying Prevention © 2015

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  1. Hello Terry, I’m so sorry about your mom’s condition. I can’t imagine the pain you must be feeling. There’s really not much you can do about the state she’s in so don’t torture yourself about it. Have a great week!

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