Laurentienne Bank (The Corruption Within)

SEMC 3MP DSCFor two years since starting working at Richcraft, I drove the vehicle (Junker) pictured here to the left until Sept 12, 2013 when I had to send it to the scrap yard, it was no longer road worthy. The plates cost $280 per year, I was on a monthly payment plan, the SAAQ (Department of Motor vehicles) debited my account monthly for $21.04, so after the vehicle was gone on Sept 15, 2013, I contacted the SAAQ to cancel the plates as they were not required any longer. I also went to my Bank “Laurentienne Bank” to request a stop payment on my account for that debit, but they refused to apply the stop payment, they said as long as I cancelled the plates the SAAQ would automatically stop the debit. Well I have been receiving my Bank statements from them but did not open the envelopes, I just put them in the file, as I was now using my “ING Direct” Bank account for my Banking, but early December once moving I opened them all only to find the Laurentienne Bank did not apply the stop payment, and the SAAQ kept debiting my account until November 2013, over drawing the account by $-139.19, the SAAQ has now totally cancelled my driving licence, how am I suppose to pay this balance when I barely have enough food to eat.Laurentian Bank - Summary.clipular (2)

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