Decreasing Juvenile Delinquency

prevention pre2prevention preOutside Class “He who opens a school door closes a prison.” โ€“Victor Hugo

Welcome to the education edition of Prevention Perspectives! This eNewsletter is packed with tips and information about effective methods to decrease delinquency, the real dangers of cyberbullying, and more. We hope it helps you bring new ideas and refreshed hope to the New Year.

Supporting Students and Decreasing Juvenile Delinquency
The public school system in Kalamazoo, Michigan has a number of good reasons to believe that therapeutic alternatives to treating juvenile delinquency are effective, among them the 57% decrease in area juvenile arrests since 2008. Read more about how KPS’s multi-dimensional approach to keeping kids in school has played a role in decreased delinquency.

Want more ideas on keeping kids on track? Get helpful hints about behavior management.

Guidance for Creating a Positive School Climate
Can a positive school climate keep kids in school and out of trouble? US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan calls for a decrease in zero-tolerance policies and an increase in restorative practices and positive behavior supports. Watch his video and download the School Discipline Guidance Package prepared by the Departments of Education and Justice.

Socially Speaking
Head over to our Facebook page to grab the Promoting Safety on Campus eBook for your staff and clients.

Cyberbullies Are Real Bullies
Don’t believe in cyberbullying? That’s not uncommon, according to Delete Cyberbullying, an online organization dedicated to educating kids and parents about the real dangers of living in a connected world. Learning more about the organization is a great first step toward taking a stand against digital harassmentโ€”and students can apply for a scholarship in the process!

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