Laurentian Bank Complaint

Update: On Jan 21, 2014 the Laurentian Bank ombudsman declined to assist, we have forwarded the complaint to the Canadian Banking Ombudsman
from: Ter Kin
Date: Sun, Jan 19, 2014 at 4:48 PM
subject: Laurentian Bank Complaint

To whom it may concern

I am writing to request assistance with an issue with Laurentian Bank located at 770 Boulevard St. Joseph, Gatineau, Quebec, J8Y4B8, on Sept 10, 2013 my vehicle, one 1996 Toyoto Corola ceased to be road worthy at which time it was taken to the scrap yard, I notified the SAAQ to disregard the vehicle and stop all debts from the account on file, they assured me once the vehicle was disregarded in their system it would automaticly stop all debts from my account, I received a notice to that effect (#3 attached) only to discover the SAAQ continued to debt my Laurentian Bank account. On Sept 10, 2013 I requested the Bank apply a stop payment which was never done but rather they proceeded to process the debts causing an NSF overdraft on the account of $ -139.19. I have also attached a copy of the response of the Laurentian Bank after bringing my concerns to their attention, stating “if you wish to stop preauthorized payments, you will need to contact the company directly to request that the direct payments be terminated. You may do this by telephone or by registered mail. If the company is still taking payments, we invite you to contact your branch”. I made numerous requests regarding this issue to know end. I now request your assistance to rectify this situation.
I have attached all required documents and communications (total 6 attachments) to that effect as follows:

SAAQ account Statement
SAAQ dishonoured Statement
SAAQ disregard Vehicle notice
SAAQ notice of claim
Laurentian Bank account Summary
Laurentian Bank reply on stop payment request
Thank you for your attention to this matter.

So is it safe to assume that if you are a member of a major financial corporation or Government affiliate you are above the law?

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