The Corrs – (All the love in the world)

foster-coors-630-80 I thought I would take time out and introduce you to one of my favorite Bands, after this post you will see why, so go ahead discover Ireland. The Corrs are an Irish band that combines pop rock with traditional Celtic folk music. The group consists of the Corr siblings, Andrea (lead vocals, tin whistle); Sharon (violin, vocals); Caroline (drums, percussion, piano, bodhrรกn, vocals); and Jim (guitar, piano, keyboards, vocals). They are from Dundalk, Co. Louth, in Ireland.

the_corrs3The Corrs have released five studio albums and numerous singles, which have reached platinum in many countries. Talk on Corners, their most successful album to date, reached multi-platinum status in Australia, and in the UK it was the highest selling album of 1998. The band is only the second act in history to hold the top two positions simultaneously in the UK album charts, with Talk on Corners at number one and Forgiven, Not Forgotten at number two. The first group to achieve this was The Beatles. Forgiven, Not Forgotten was the second highest selling album in Australia in 1996, behind Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill. The Corrs’ third studio album, In Blue, went to number one in seventeen countries.

images (4)The Corrs have been actively involved in philanthropic activities. They have performed in numerous charity concerts such as the Prince’s Trust event in 2004 and Live 8 alongside Bono in 2005. The same year, they were awarded honorary MBEs for their contributions to music and charity. The band is currently inactive because Jim and Caroline are raising families, while Andrea and Sharon are pursuing solo careers. Sharon doesn’t know if The Corrs will get back together, a sad reality, Breathless is the first single by The Corrs from their third studio album, In Blue.

After the band recorded a version of Dreams for a Fleetwood Mac tribute album, they re-released Talk on Corners, with new remixes of “What Can I Do?”, “So Young” and “Runaway”. The special edition topped the charts worldwide, and again reached multi-platinum status in the UK and Australia. In June 1998, The Corrs participated in the Pavarotti and Friends for the Children of Liberia charity concert. The concert was held in Modena, Italy and was hosted by Luciano Pavarotti. Other performers included Jon Bon Jovi, Cรฉline Dion, Spice Girls and Stevie Wonder. the_corrs_wallpaper_2-normalThe concert aimed to raise money to build the Pavarotti and Friends Liberian Children’s Village, to provide refuge for children in Liberia.
The Corrs Unplugged album, released in 1999, is part of MTV’s Unplugged series. It was released internationally but for a short time was not available in the United States until later. The song “No Frontiers” was sung by Sharon and Caroline, with Jim playing the piano. It is a cover of the Mary Black song, written by Jimmy MacCarthy.

safe_imageThis session was recorded live on October 5, 1999 in front of an audience at Ardmore Studios, Co. Wicklow, Ireland, and was released on CD, DVD, VCD and VHS. The CD release features the songs in a somewhat different order to in which they were actually performed as two songs were omitted from the track list and are only featured as bonus tracks on some releases. The DVD and VHS retains the original song order and are also mostly unedited, while the CD
edits out almost all of the talking between songs, so I know it’s over an hour in lenght but well worth the listen, have a awesome weekend….cheers ๐Ÿ™‚


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