My Thoughts on Two Issues…..

downloadI am writing this post to clear the air, there are a few issues I feel that I must clarify, as some of you have misinterpreted the meanings and or intentions, let me explain: (1) the post Historic Ruling: Judge orders Anti-Gay “Scott Lively” to stand trial for Crimes Against Humanity Crimes Against Humanity, this is not new Anti Bullying Legislation, I’m sorry to inform you, unless you have killed, assisted in the death of, and or are responsible for the death of 100’s of people you don’t have to worry about ever been charged with Crimes Against Humanity or anyone bringing you or anyone else before a Judge in a court of law, sorry but I thought it kinda funny, he is charged with Crimes Against Humanity because he did just that, two fine examples would be Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden for his involvement in 9/11, they were hunted down, once found it cost them both their lives for there crimes Against Humanity, this guy gets a Trail, there is no excuse for the taking of innocent lives, yes please stand for what you believe in, but don’t kill others to do it, so in reality this has nothing to do with Anti-Bullying. I will always stand for the love and equality of all Humanity as a whole, Hope that clears the air on that matter.
photo10417 (1)(2) The second issue relates to the article CHILDREN CAN NOW SEEK JUSTICE FOR ABUSES THROUGH UNITED NATIONS the intention of the treaty that was drafted by all country’s (states) at the Untied Nations to protect Children, but mostly in the developing world, where kids are dying of starvation, lack medical attention, sold into slavery, tortured, lack of housing, lack of education etc the ugly list is endless, and not only the children, their parents as well, whom for the most part only have agencies like “Plan” and “UNCF” to rely on. Here in the developed world it’s nice to have another or a last resort, but we have legislation that can and do protect Children, including Bullying laws that are only getting better. So the message is, on my 54th Birthday 04/14/2014 those kids in the developing country’s can start bringing their cases to the United Nations, only after exhausting all avenues and they can’t find a solution within their own country, only then can they bring their cases to the United Nations Comity for resolution. I think this is fantastic news and is a great step towards a world where all kids have equal rights and are respected, they have three square meals everyday, they have suitable housing and they all are entitled to, and get an education. So I am proud and honored that on my Birthday this year I can look back and recognize that accomplishment and nothing will ever change that. cheers and Lotsa Luv.. 🙂

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