Michelle Morgan: Workplace bully didn’t get her way

If there is one thing I can’t stand, its Bullies.2320066967
I am relieved to say that apart from a small incident in primary school, I was pretty much bully-free throughout my childhood, but people close to me weren’t so lucky. In secondary school I had a male friend who was bullied because he liked to dress differently. One day the bully said he was going to beat him up after school, and waited next to the gate. By that point my friend had had enough, and finally had the guts to stand up for himself. The bully never tried it on again. However, bullying isn’t just restricted to children, and I have been bullied at various times during my adulthood.

For instance, my first full-time job was in the office of a factory.

Next door there was a woman who decided from day one that she disliked me, which was her prerogative as I didn’t particularly like her either. However, while I kept my feelings to myself, she couldn’t do the same and frequently bullied me in all kinds of ways.
I hated the job immensely and when I handed in my notice after only a few months, this woman cornered me in the bathroom. “Before you leave,” she said, “I will have you in tears. Even if I have to thump it out of you.”
I am happy to say that she never got her wish and I left bruise-free.
Several years later I saw the woman again and she smiled as though we were long-lost friends. I didn’t smile back and by the look on her face, she really had no clue what she had done in the past.
I’m sure bullies have many reasons why they do what they do, but maybe less time needs to be spent on excuses, and more time should be made trying to make the world a better place.
Isn’t that what we’re all here for, at the end of the day?
by Michelle Morgan nt.editor@northantsnews.co.uk Published on the 03 February 2014.

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