I don’t claim to be politically correct but for what it’s worth my personal option on the future of Canada and whom ever leads this country towards foreign & economic stability c150-logo-red-nouvnew_1469624863855_engall depends on who is at the master control, leading the country to where ever that maybe. Back in my day, when I was a boy I remember my dad and his loyalty to the liberal candidate at that time was none other than Pierre Elliott Trudeau, he was the 15th Prime Minister of Canada from April 20, 1968 to June 4, 1979, and again from March 3, 1980 to June 30, 1984, today we see his son Justin all gun whole to take the bull by the horns and push Canada forward. I hear a lot of negativity in that regards, everyone thinks he’s to young for such a task, and I am not sure as to why they think that way. Mr Harper only supports family values, making it clear he is not supportive of the LGBT community, and he supports the major corporations over the people’s, he is not concerned about the common man or the diverse society’s and people’s of this country, but the one and only thing we can say of him is he holdscanadian-flag-heart canadian-flag-heart Canada’s economic and foreign affairs close to heart, which is a great thing but unfortunately the people are left behind. In the age of a new generation and a more complex society he just can’t keep up with the “Jones” it’s not about me a 54 year old veteran who’s been there and done that, as is Mr Harper, it’s now time for a younger leader to step up and take control of this country’s business. Not only to be concerned about the deficit, foreign and economic affairs, don’t get me wrong these are important issues and it’s great that he can bring Canada to a new age of political and social change, as I really think that it’s possible right now for any politician to accomplish. The people (A new Generation) a younger generation is rising and they need a leader that will speak and represent them on the current issues in today’s society and that’s not Mr Harper.

The Right Honorable Pierre Elliott Trudeau: Canada's 15th Prime Minister.
The Right Honorable Pierre Elliott Trudeau: Canada’s 15th Prime Minister.

It’s about a country that stands behind it’s citizens, to respect them and listen to what they have to say, all it’s citizens, that’s where I think Mr Justin Trudeau would fit in the picture, a leader who is familiar with today’s issues that are of concern to Canadian’s right now, Mr Harper, is stuck and guided by old ways of thinking, what was good for Canada then may not be what’s best for Canada now and Mr Harper seems to be blind to this fact, issues that are currently of a major concern for the majority of Canadians today. I could mention several issues of grave concern right now, but I won’t, concerns of the now generation that Mr Harper and his conservatives see as purely nonessential. This is exactly the reason Canada needs young blood, like Justin Trudeau as a driving force to move Canada into the future and beyond, he maybe young and lack experience but I believe that if given the chance he is the man that will move Canada forward to a brighter and prosperous future for all Canadians. When the next Federal election rolls around in Oct 2015 lets not forget and reserve your right to vote and elect Justin Trudeau for the next Prime Minister of Canada, a Liberal Government to represent not only economic and foreign affairs but to represent all the diverse society’s and people’s right here, right now of this great country of ours as well, because as a leader you cannot lead only half the people, you must lead all the people.