How Brian Brown and other extremists are harming LGBT Russians

HRC Tee "Love Conquers Hate" Get yours today
HRC Tee “Love Conquers Hate” Get yours today
Today the Human Rights Campaign released a new web video highlighting the role that American extremists have played in the passage of Russia’s draconian anti-LGBT laws. The video details how more than a dozen Americans, including NOM President Brian Brown have traveled to Russia in the last year to meet with policy makers and lobby for these laws. The consequences of these laws have been immediate and severe. In less than a year since the signing of the propaganda ban we have seen activists arrested and beaten in the streets and a surge in asylum requests from LGBT Russians trying to leave the country. This is what Brian Brown and the other Americans have been lobbying for and what they’d like to see implemented here in the US as well.
More information on the situation in Russia is available at Love Conquers Hate.
February 20, 2014 by Michael Cole-Schwartz, Director of Communications

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February 19, 2014 by HRC staff

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