Bullies Beware by Paul M. Kramer

To purchase Paul's Book click the image.
To purchase Paul’s Book click the image.
Hi Paul My apologies for taking so long to get to your book, with my studies and all other readings, I try to stick to the first received to last just to be fair, nevertheless I have just finished reading your book and I must say, looking at it from a child’s perspective or rather a victim of Bullying perspective, you have hit the nail on the head.

It’s informative and touches the heart of the issue of Bullying, as a child reading it, I see he or she asking questions as to why they were Bullying Mikey and about why they were being so mean, which your book surely pro-tray’s clearly. They had no reason, just that some boy’s are just mean, and there will always be Bully’s or mean kids.

Also great that you touched on taking karate as self defense, I believe this is a great idea and should not be totally ruled out as an option. It’s good to know self defense Technics, or at least be able to stand up for yourself, but more times then not, it just escalates and or may create another more serious problem, reporting the Bullying to an adult, teacher, principle or family member is the first and safest step to take in resolving the issue and solve the problem, as you cannot stop violence with violence.

In closing as I read, the story line began to peak my interest immediately, also the illustration of images adds to the reality of the issues at hand and giving the reader a clearer picture, as I continued to read, also highlighting the topic. I assume from a child’s perspective it’s a must read, to the point and informative in every aspect, that in my opinion would peak and keep the child’s attention, making your book a benefit and an asset to add to school library’s. I love it great job and thanx for asking for my opinion….cheers my friend.

Best regards

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