She was always strong, now…

her-storyDear Melvin:
When you took action on Care2, you stood with thousands of others who want to Inspire Change. All through the month of March the Canadian Hunger Foundation is celebrating women around the world the incredible difference they can make towards ending world hunger and poverty, when they are empowered with the right tools, resources and training.

Toyba is one of those remarkable women. She was always strong, she possesses an inner strength that pulled her and her young family through some incredibly challenging times, but now she’s been empowered to use her strength. And she’s dramatically changing her family’s future.toybahanks to generous, caring Canadians, she received a gift of chickens and training from CHF on how to best care for them.

Her story of change and success is inspiring. Toyba is now producing 28 to 35 eggs a week from her 10 chickens. That’s roughly 6 times the 2-5 eggs she was producing before your help; enough for her and her family to eat half and sell the rest every week for a profit. With the additional income she is able to afford clothes for her children, save for tougher days, and buy the cooking ingredients she can’t produce herself.

By making a gift today, you will inspire your own change and give a woman like Toyba the chance to change her life forever.

Plus every dollar you give will be matched at least 3:1 by the Canadian Government – putting even more seeds, tools, livestock, and know-how into the hands of a woman today.

Your gift of $20 plus the $60 match from the Government of Canada will translate into $80 of life-changing support for a woman today! $80 becomes $320. $320 turns into $1,280. And so on.

Our solutions are sustainable and developed with the communities we work in – each solution is customized for the women we are working with to ensure we meet their needs. You can be a part of this special change by making a donation to support CHF’s work today.unnamedP.S. For more empowering success stories like Toyba’s connect with us on Facebook. We’d love to hear about the powerful women in your life.unnamed

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