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How are we feeling- - - Gmail.clipularToday, we are feeling EXCITED, THANKFUL and (to be honest) a bit ANXIOUS as we launch our second year of the Not Myself Today campaign in workplaces across the country.

We issued a challenge to Corporate Canada to step up and do their part to create and maintain work environments that support mental health. And we are thrilled to say that, so far, more than 110 companies and organizations have risen to this challenge!

They have joined the 2014 Not Myself Today campaign and have committed to organizing events and activities in their workplaces, using the tools and resources weโ€™ve provided, to reduce stigma and help create cultures of acceptance and support for mental health.

Now, are you ready to join these organizations to do your part? Start by telling your own employer about the initiative and encouraging them to participate โ€“ itโ€™s never too late. SHARE THE WEBSITE LINK โ€“ โ€“ with your Human Resources department or manager today. To effectively tackle this issue and drive long-lasting change, we need even more companies and organizations getting involved.

You can also download your own mini-toolkit to help spark the conversation and promote mental health and well-being in your workplace. LEARN MORE.

Thank you,
Jeff, Leslie, PJ, Wendy, Uyen, Krystle, Katie and volunteers across the country
The Partners for Mental Health team

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5 thoughts on “Partners for Mental Health

  1. this my grandaughter story on bullying A Studentโ€™s Story on Bullying
    I go to school here in Thunder Bay.

    I was bullied at there for how I was born. I have Tourette syndrome, and I get bullied because of it.

    It made me feel very unwanted and unloved.

    Here is my story; On the first day of school I thought it was going all good and that. But people always stared at me. I guess because of how I dressed, because I wore a big top.

    But then it started getting worse I started seeing how everyone dressed so pretty with makeup and that and nice tops so I wanted to try and fit in so I tried to act like very one else, and not be who I wanted to be.

    This made me uncomfortable. But then a few months later I my Tourette syndrome started getting worse, and I started shaking my head, and I cant help it.

    I was trying to keep it in but I just couldnโ€™t keep it all in! So it just came out and I cant help it everyone started looking at me, and making fun of me.

    One day, a group of students pushed me into the fence and left me with bruises all over my body, and some cuts too.

    People would walk up to me and pinch me, and leave purple and blue bruses that some would bleed, and it really hurt.

    I felt like I wanted to end my life and I did try a few times.

    I tried taking pills and that.

    I was ready to die.

    People in my class always would talk about me and call me names. Names like shaky head.

    I would be walking down the hall way and people would stop and look at me and laugh and whisper to their friends.

    I always felt like maybe im fat. so I try to suck in my gut all the time at school.

    I was always trying to fit, in which I donโ€™t think a girl should have to do.

    It make me feel very sad. and people in the school started to know about me even more!

    Like there parents and even this girlโ€™s great aunt knew about me like how did she know?

    Everyday I would come home, and be a grouch, and take it out on my nana cause of how I got treated at school.

    Some things I wouldnโ€™t tell my nana cause I as scared that they would hunt me down.

    Now every night I have nightmares.

    I feel like I was just a clown, like everyone hated me, and when I grow up and when I die no one will come to my funeral.

    Because they hated me, and I never told anyone this before but im telling you now. People would stare at me in the changing room when I changed and I would think ok I may be fat and all but you donโ€™t have to treat me like this, I may be different but im all the same Pope has made my life hard.

    I should not be treated like this.

    I may want to fit in, but I donโ€™t want to be a stuck up snob like the rest of them.

    And I also never told anyone this but I would always lie to my gym teachers and say Iโ€™m not feeling good so I donโ€™t have to do gym cauase I have assma and my face turns bright red and it really hard for me to run and I cant run like the others.

    People would leave me out at lunch, and I would sit alone at the bench and be a loner like usual.

    I was scared of what I ate caue people might judge me and sometimes I would starve myself at school cause I was always scared. There was this really nice teacher at the school and she always let me sit inside and eat lunch with her in her classs room and that and it made me feel like she cared which she did.

    And I saw I guidance counsellor a few times, and the principal.

    Also at recess, I would sit outside with my head down or else people will come and point and laugh at me with their friends.

    People always told me that they hate me and they would pinch me and stuff. It really hurt but I tried to hide it all the time, the cut and bruses.

    But now Iโ€™m home-schooled, and I like being home-schooled because people canโ€™t see me. and it makes my life easier.

    I feel like the school didnโ€™t care about me, and also the school put me into a different class room but itโ€™s still all the same, now every night I have nightmares about what happened, and sometimes I just want to die.

    Everyday I would come home and sit in my room with the lights off, and play on my computer. My computer is my life, and I donโ€™t need friends, I have my cats and dog.

    They cheer me up and ever time I come home, and cry my cat Molly would come and try to bite me and sit on my head because she didnโ€™t want me to cry.

    SO LEAVE ME ALONE AND Iโ€™LL BE HAPPY and now things are actually being dealt with! THANK YOU!

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