My Last Day of Employment at Richcraft

This is the inside of the unit taken that same day July 10, 2012
This is the inside of the unit taken that same day July 10, 2012
It was July 10, 2012 and I woke up as usual at 5:30 am and started preparing myself for another day at the construction site in hell. I arrived the same time as I did everyday around 7:00 am, although I wasn’t scheduled to start until 7:30 am, my first task was to unlock the front doors of all the units I was responsible for, there was two general laborers, Yannick and one other Richcraft Carpenter, between four of us we were responsible for unlocking all the unit doors so the contractors could enter to complete their assignments, after which I would Radio Yannick, if he didn’t already contact me, for my daily work assignments which was always sweeping the units and removing all scrap drywall.
I proceeded to my first unit which was pretty much central to the whole site, so I entered the unit, it was empty no contractors present. I was supplied with a push broom, kitchen angle broom and a 5 gallon plastic Garbage can, so I started picking up all scrap drywall and stacking it in a pile in the center of each and every room after which I started to sweep.
Just after lunch the painting contractors showed up which consisted of two individuals, male and female whom appeared to be a couple. After about an hour I received a call from Yannick on my two way Radio requesting I go to another site, as I was working in a unit on Cooks Mill Crescent, he requested I proceed to Riveredge Crescent which was about 9 kms away. I was paid for my mileage and visited this site a few times before, as we had three to four new houses on this street that were close to completion.
worksite2I finished the task I was working on and then collected the brooms and proceeded to my car parked in front, only to find a Dodge minivan was parked behind me, I went back in the unit and asked the painter if he could move his van so I could get out of the driveway, his lady friend grab his keys and moved the van and I proceeded to the other work-site on Riveredge Crescent.
I arrived at the unit and proceeded to the upstairs to start clean up, after picking up all scrap and throwing it out the windows which is the process for removing scrap and garbage from the units, I started sweeping hearing from outside the backhoe driver leveling the grounds.
Approximately one hour later I was startled by someone touching my shoulder, I immediately turned in defense mode and almost punched Bernie in the face, now seeing both him and Yannick standing there. I was shocked and very upset that they were able to enter the unit and make their way to the second floor without my knowledge. I let Bernie know that he almost got a punch in the face and advice him not to sneak up me like that.
That’s when himself and Yannick made their way towards me and pinned me to the wall at which time I told him I was recording everything being said. This was something I started doing a couple of weeks earlier, turning on the voice recorder while at work due to derogatory name calling, physical jesters and not to mention threats.
worksite4At this point I am starting to sweat and shake, the start of an Anxiety attack, as I have been dealing with the attacks for such a long time, I found that getting out of the situation that was causing the panic attack always worked for me, so my main concern now was to find an avenue of escape, not really listening to what Bernie was saying as he spit in my face, I started looking for an opportunity to make a dash for the exit as I began moving slowly towards the exit, at the same time as they tried blocking me, I kept slowly moving toward the exit as Bernie continued talking. It was when he said “I want you to go home now and bring me back a paper from your doctor I felt a small sense of relief, it was the quickest time I have ever exited a room, saying thank you and agreeing with everything he was saying as I made my way down the stairs and out the front door. I never returned to South Ottawa until July 16, 2012 accompanied by a friend at which time I was fired. All my efforts to obtain employment since that day has been in vain.sensplex

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