The Best Bullying and Cyber Bullying Blogs To Read

top bullying blogs 2013row-of-heartsHi Terry, We hope your having a great week. We are the team behind an anti bullying website and forum based in Northern Ireland and been active since summer 2013. We have people visit our site from the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand to the Middle East and Africa and in April over 60,000 people will visit the website.

We wanted to help parents or children looking for help and advice find local experts and resources, so to this end we started to visit websites in local areas, saving our favourites. We have now listed our favourite 100 anti bullying websites from the past year and created a post on our site, linking to them.


We just wanted to let you know that we added your site to this list – based on its content and impact we feel it is having to people in your local community. We will do a press release on this later this week and hopefully over time this will be a valuable source of traffic to your site.

We would be honoured if you felt it was okay to share this page on social media – as it will in turn bring more visitors to the sites listed and help spread a common anti bullying/cyber bullying message from these amazing sites around the world. We will share it on our social networks multiple times ( the links for these are at the bottom of every page on our website )

I am forever Grateful for your kindness and honored in recognition of this prestigious Award, Lotsa Luv


We know that there are excellent websites run by people whom all have a common goal around the world and that is to share actionable information on bullying and cyber bullying to help people suffering from this. Sometimes, as people โ€“ we do not say โ€˜Thank youโ€™ enoughโ€ฆ..and this is what we wanted to change. We wanted to reach out to fellow anti bullying campaigners and thank them for doing such a purposeful job. Discover The Best Bullying and Cyber Bullying Blogs To Read!

There is also a lot of value in connecting with fellow anti bullying campaigners โ€“ as a co-ordinated message around the world will make all the difference in changing attitudes to this blight.
We set about identifying websites or projects that we felt had a positive effect in the community โ€“ reminding as many people as possible about bullying and being more considerate of those around us, especially with cyber bullying at the moment.
We looked for recently updated websites โ€“ with great content, real life experiences and a passion in the writing.
We looked for community projects that got local people together to raise awareness.
We wanted to acknowledge younger people who have taken a brave step to speak out about what has happened to them and start their own movement
We looked for people and groups of people who have been involved in fighting bullies for many years, having helped many people.

Top 100 Anti-Bullying Blogs
Bullying Stories, DitchTheLabel, BuddyUpAgainstBullying, ThroggsNick -LA FAMIGLIA, Jessica Vs Bullying, Cyber Bullying No More, Net Family News, Bullies Be Gone, Minding the Workplace, Richard Paulโ€™s Blog on Workplace Bullying, KickBully, The People BottomLine, Bully Blocking Australia,, Coalition for Children
Inside Outed, Cyberbullying Research Center, Bully Free At Work, Stop Bullying, Stix and Stones, Be A Voice And Stop Bullying, BULLIED NO MORE, Standing Against Bullies, ANTI-BULLYING โ€“ ANTI-DEPRESSION โ€“ HELP, Bullies2Buddies
Loser Gurl, Mobbing and Bullying, Bullying of Academics in Higher Education, A Day Dreamerโ€™s World, Bullseye, Report Bullying, EyePAT Anti-Bullying Training, The Magna Carta School Anti Bullying Blog, Overcome Bullying, Work Pro Blog, Parenting Ideas, ESRC Bullying and Humour Styles Project, Victims of Gay Bullying, STOP Bullying! Canada!, Stop Bullying at the University of NewCastle, Anti-Bullying: Speak up, Reach out, and Stop Bullying!
Attorney Robin L. Allweiss for Bullying and Cyberbullying Tampa Bay Victims Rights!, DEAR BULLY, The New Bullying Prevention, Stop Workplace Bullies Now!, Carrie Herbert : The Recovery of Bullied Children, CLAPA, Rallying for, Hope & Healing after Bullying, Jackson Quigg Associates Ltd On Workplace Bullying, Kristen Caven, School Counseling By Heart, No 2 Bullying, Lorin Nicholson, Simon Clegg, Wayne Denner, Youth Speaker and Digital Expert, The Resilience Doughnut, Ken Rigby, Stand Up Now Canada, Gabe and Izzy : Voice for Americaโ€™s Bullied, Shaun Dellenty, Anna Michele, Robert Higgs Anti-Bullying Drama Presentations, Workshops & Resources for Schools, Jodee Blanco, The Peninsula Ireland Blog, ronkempmusic, Bully 4 U, Eternalegacy, End Cyberbullying, Ramon Thomas, di doodles about stuff, Ian Rivers PhD, LGBT youth north west, THE EMPATHETIC ACTIVIST, Dr Michele Borba, Media Mentors, The Bully Doctor, Mobbing 101, School Bullying EU, Moms Fighting Bullying, Bullyb3atdown, SchoolDays, KickBully, The Positivity Solution, EduDabbling, Mummy Whisperer, Stage of Life, ChangeBoard, An Irish Patel, Stop Bullying Canada!

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  1. The gratification that I feel at this moment, after all I have been through the last 18 months of helping others, and believe it or not but I have not received one red cent, I do what I do from with in, from the heart why because I care and to think that I have been called every name in the book for just trying to help people, not for money or material processions, just satisfaction and my own peace of mind. This recognition is my reward, to be listed as one of the top 100 best Anti-Bullying Blogs in the “WORLD” by, I couldn’t ask for anything more, so Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart..Lotsa Luv ๐Ÿ™‚


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