10 Tips for Global Love Day!

Global Love DayWhat’s shared below is, of course, also relevant for ANY DAY, though shared at this time to encourage opening to and putting love in action on Global Love Day, May 1st. (Global Love Day was founded by Harold Becker of The Love Foundation, in 2004).


love1. Make an intention to ‘Be the Love’ – to commit to love in thought, word or deed, to be more mindful about if you are in your heart and coming from a place of love, and how you may return to that by focussing on loving thoughts and compassionate perspectives.

Tree_of_Love_Wall_Stickers2. Get together with; friends, family or work colleagues for a love gathering of some kind, coming together in the name of love with love as primary intention. Connect, love, laugh, share and enjoy. Sing, meditate, chat, eat, create. Whatever your hearts feel called to do.

68333. Share a gift of love with someone. It is not the nature of the gift or form the giving takes that matters as much as the love behind it. Your gift of love may be a card, an item, a donation to charity, flowers, a pay-it-forward gift, helping someone with your time, a poem, a dinner, etc.

05-f (2)4. Partake in random acts of kindness. Here are some examples: Buy a lottery ticket for a stranger, put some coins in someone else’s parking meter, walk your friend’s dog, compliment a stranger (sincerely), send someone a small gift anonymously, pay for the drinks on the next table at a café, etc.

hearts45. Do a meditation dedicated to love. You may want to light a candle to set the intention and work in whatever way feels right to you. Get in touch with the love in your heart for yourself, others and the world. You may want to begin with feeling gratitude and appreciation to yourself and those you love to open your heart to more love. Expand that love out and send it to those less close, associates, strangers, and the world at large. You can use the http://www.GlobalLoveMeditation.com that’s been recorded for this purpose.

images (1)6. Write an anonymous love letter; or note for a stranger to find addressed “To you, From Love” sharing words of unconditional love, as if writing it to yourself or someone you care about. Leave it on someone’s car windscreen, in a letter box, a tree or bush, amongst groceries in a store, etc. Visit http://www.globalloveletters.com for more details.

heart7. What can you let go of; that blocks love in your life? Who can you forgive? What grievance can you drop, fear relinquish, story drop? Consciously let go of that which doesn’t serve you and stands in the way of you being more of the love that you are and receiving the love that is there for you.

download8. Send love into the world. You may want to donate to a charity, see what cause you can support and how, or ponder on how you can personally be of help. You may want to do a meditation for world peace as another example. (A free streaming of the World Healing Meditation is available at http://www.worldhealingmeditation.com)

9. Witness the love; in each person you meet and bring love and kindness to each encounter.

10. Open to love and share your love generously with sincere expressions of love – be they words, hugs, listening, or simply your loving attentive presence.

Love and Blessings

The Global Love Project – Aine Belton