The Evaluator

Happy-sunday-awesome-picdownloadHappy Sunday everyone, well tomorrow I start The Web Essentials Advanced program at “Canadian Society for Social Development, CSSD” and “Selkirk College” which is part two and a continuation of the Web Essentials program which I started on Nov 4, 2013.

Like many of us “ONLINE” training and higher education is questionable, I will offer my evaluation and a first hand account of the experiences of that and this new journey of “Web Essentials Advanced ” a summary and the raw truth, that which is exactly what you will read here at The New Bullying Prevention, you certainly won’t want to miss….

smiley-face-brushing-teeth-13184153Also finally I had to be proactive, I recently was forced to pay a visit to see my Dentist and want to say to them “Thank you” very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to fit me in, that which unfortunately didn’t go without incident.

At this link is the evaluation of “Algonquin Careers Academy” from two years ago, an account of the Bullying I experienced while attending, check it out they only get better; or worst as I like to refer to the Bullying.

Also I almost forgot (as if) a substantial award will be paid to those with legitimate evidence and or stories that come forward and take a stand against Bullying, courtesy of a soul with a heart, also I want to take this time to thank those whom have already took a stand in the pass.

14 - 1Watch for these two of many more evaluations to follow…I have found my calling..a shame really how people jeapordise their very own lives based on what they only believe to be truth…you do know they are sitting back in their big leather chairs laughing at you, wondering who their next victim will be after all it’s what they do best “Turn the people on each other” it shocks me how many of us are still stupid to that fact….

One to Ponder Over; Do you believe the media is selective of news they report or do they report what the people need to know?; With all the illegal and criminal actions, assaults that have been committed against me for more than ten years which I have put before the media, but it and myself has been “IGNORED”, YOU DECIDE………..

So with that being said, have a Awesome day..”The Evaluator” ๐Ÿ™‚




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