Oral Infections Causing More Hospitalizations

30well_dentist-tmagArticleI had mentioned in an earlier post that I had to be proactive and pay my dentist a emergence visit due to the pain caused by one tooth that was now preventing me from the ability to chew or even talk for that matter. I was limited for months on what I could eat, mostly foods that required as little as possible having to be chewed, such as Pork Chops, my favorite :-).
Times when I did say to hell with it because when I did eat pork chops soon after the pain got so excruciating I would sometimes have to take 3 to 6 tylenol 1’s to ease the pain, not to mention afraid to go to sleep knowing I would soon awake once I started grinding my teeth in servere pain which has been the result of alot of sleepless nights.
On May 29, 2014 I was out of T-1’s and no money to buy more, so I decided it was time to be proactive and make a trip to the dentist. So during my visit I find out to my surprise that I had not one but numerous infections, resulting in the dentist removing three teeth, two of which were causing the pain.
After the surgery was completed the dentist also informed me that all the remaining teeth will have to be removed as well, the result was treatment of Antibiotics for ten days.
As I sit here writing this post I think and ask myself, when was the last time I could say “I don’t have any Jaw pain” but I don’t ever remember not having jaw pain, so I guess I will have pork chops. ๐Ÿ™‚
I was given a referral to a specialist by my dentist and have an appointment tomorrow about the issue of grinding my teeth while sleeping, which would be an answered pray for it to stop as well.
Well all and good but now this sort of baffled me because thinking about how long I’ve had this condition, the pain and complications, as I now know “infections” it’s been months, I’m not really sure when the pain really got servere, but to me it seems like forever, for more than twelve months for sure.
In closing after all my research on Oral Infections that I had done just recently. I am amazed, astonished and lost for words as to why I am not dead now from the infections, they had such a long life to spread throughout my body, either poisoning me or worst it could have just as easlly killed me according to the medical research. I am now certain that beyond a reasonable doubt, I have a Guardian or Secret Angel.

I am including a snippet below from one of those medical reports I mentioned above, or to read the complete article go to The New York Times.

Oral Infections Causing More Hospitalizations

Left untreated, a serious tooth abscess can eventually kill.

In 2007, Deamonte Driver, a 12-year-old boy in Maryland, died after bacteria from an abscessed tooth spread to his brain. The case drew widespread media attention, and his is the cautionary tale cited whenever politicians and advocates discuss access to oral health care.

But a new study suggests that deaths from these preventable infections may not be as rare as once thought and that the number of Americans hospitalized with them may be on the rise.

Studies have shown that dental problems account for hundreds of thousands of emergency room visits each year. The new analysis, published in the September issue of the Journal of Endodontics, focused on patients who had to be hospitalized because of an infection of the tip of the toothโ€™s root, called a periapical abscess. It is a common consequence of untreated tooth decay, and it can be dangerous if it spreads.

After reviewing national patient data from 2000 to 2008, researchers in Boston found that the people hospitalized for dental abscesses increased by more than 40 percent, to 8,141 in 2008 from 5,757 in 2000. Some 66 patients died after they were hospitalized, according to the new analysis.



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  1. Well so much for the specialist, “Clinique de chirurgie buccale et maxillo-faciale” I fell asleep and was going to be late for the appointment and called to inform them of my late arrival, the receptionist was very ignorant, she told me to go somewhere else and hung up in my face.


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