“SunGard deflated Weekly Football Award”

sunGard badgeThis is one of the awards I received during my six and a half years while employed at SunGard Canada from April 3, 2003 to Sept 9, 2009 when I was offered a settlement and dismissed. Based out of Wayne, PA, United States which is also where my paycheck came from each week. It was a great company to work for until March 2004 when Satan arrived (Equifax, Transunion and RBC). They had great incentives to boost employee morale and “The weekly Football Award” was just one of them. It was awarded to employees in recognition for consistently going above and beyond their own duties to improve employee and customer morale, SunGard being an international company at the time, a notification email was sent to all employees in recognition as well. On Nov 15, 2004 I was honored to receive the award, presented by a colleague Ray Blain.
Forwarded by Terry Kinden/Recovery/Recovery@SunGard.com on 07/23/2005 11:24 AM

Fr: Ray Blain/Recovery/Recovery@SunGard.com
To: SRS.Mississauga 11/15/2004 07:53 AM
Subject: Latest recipient of the ” Deflated Weekly Football Award “

I’d like to put forth before you my choice for this weeks Football Award,
this person has demonstrated the following:

    images (2)

  • consistent high quality of work/performance.
  • inspires a “teamwork” attitude.
  • makes a marked contribution to employee morale by sharing his phone.
  • makes contributions beyond work assignments.
  • undertakes an initiative leading to the improvement of the quality of the work environment.
  • is coping with difficult circumstances.
  • provides support to colleagues.

Great job Terry!

Terry Kinden ▪ Shipper/Receiver ▪ SunGard Availability Services (Canada)
Ltd. ▪ 1800 Argentia Road, Mississauga, ON, L5N 3K3 ▪ (905) 542-4805 ▪
Fax # (905) 821-0865 ▪ terry.kinden@sungard.com Keeping People and Information
Connected® ▪ http://www.availability.sungard.com

Later this week I will be posting more details on Satan’s arrival……………


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  1. On Oct 1, 2003 I signed a contract and sworn statement with SunGard Availability Services not to discuss or relay any information in regards to current customers or any information relating to them and the day to day business thereof for a period of 5 years after the end of employment, that 5 years vow of silence ends Sept 9, 2014, so go ahead and sue me, because you’re not going to force my silence any longer.


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