RBC Foundation gift to Canadian Society for Social Development

Gift or Bribe

Now Known as “Make a Change Canada”

(RBC Foundation gift to CSSD)
(RBC Foundation gift to CSSD)

downloadAhhhh..no “Smilie Star” here, The Canadian Society for Social Development received a $20,000 gift from RBC Foundation to support participants locally and across Canada in the IBDE Web Essentials and Web Essentials Advanced programs. Scott Frazer of RBC Branch Nelson recently presented a cheque to Ann-Marie Edgar executive Director of the Society at the Nelson location. We are thrilled to receive this contribution from RBC Foundation. The donation will allow us to help more individuals facing challenges to employment and get the skills and college certificate they need to start a new career and bring important technology skills to the labour market.
Now under different circumstances I would say this is a great thing and congratulations would be in order, call me paranoid but considering the fact that I had to complete the Web Essentials program from Nov 4, 2013 to May 2, 2014 without any assistance as every email that I sent to the instructor requesting assistance went unanswered. I was answered only after my second request (email) and I was then told “I’m glad you sent the second email because the first one went to my spam folder” which was always to late as I had already handed in the assignment, resulting in completing and graduating all on my own, a certificate that I have not yet received and don’t expect to receive. Also being an online training program, which included mostly the watching of videos as part of the curriculum to complete assignments, of which were not available to me or I got a pop up message the video was not available at this time, resulting in late assignments. Now that I started the Web Essentials Advanced program on June 2, 2014 I am experiencing yet again more problems with the assignments and videos, right from the start the first video I had to watch of course is not available or is broken as you will see by the image below, which is just audio. 5715138824896512I sent a copy this time of the screen shot and they have yet to address my concerns with the video error. I believe this donation is not in good faith and believe it to be a bribe and or payment to Bully and Harass me during my studies.
I welcome your comments but after losing my Job and life in Sept 2009 due to the injustice and derogatory information entered into my credit files shortly after the trial ended in 2006 by RBC Royal Bank of which they had no claims, I am more than justified in my lack of trust and questionable sincerity and believe they have ulterior motives for this donation. Will this have an impact on my continuing education? yes it probably will but I won’t go through what I went through in the Web Essentials program, I’ll quit if they don’t kick me out first, for me I have zero tolerance for Bullying and hatred, the most important and noticeable thing they stole from me over the course of the last fifteen years is my ability to “TRUST”.

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  1. This is not an act to destroy but an act to protect..”MYSELF” I am at the stage where I’m seriously considering dropping out of this latest adventure and wait for Justice to be served. I am dumb founded as to why people stick their neck out for such issues? when they clearly have no idea what they or who the person is or if what is being said is true, my advice, seriously learn to question everything and everybody in your life, there may be unforeseen ulterior motives at work, because in the end, you hurt no one but yourself…so to RBC I would rather starve to death or die then be associated with you and I certainly don’t want your charity or dirty money.


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