Attitude is Altitude “No Arms No Legs No Worries”

sliderI have a HUGE passion for reaching out to teenagers about bullying throughout the world. In every country teenagers are experiencing the mental, emotional and spiritual battles that result from being teased and bullied. I attempted suicide at the age of ten because I was teased and became convinced my life had no purposeโ€ฆ Today, I live for the purpose of encouraging people around the world with my message of faith, hope and love.

This world needs stronger young leaders who will stand up against bullying. My company, Attitude is Altitude, held a camp for 53 teenage students in southern California in 2011 and we had a great time discussing this issue and working on ways to out an end to bullying while increasing acceptance, understanding and love among all people. Soon, we will put up a report on our meeting done by FOX News San Diego.

I believe in the power of unity. Our team at Attitude is Altitude is constantly brainstorming to combat bullying especially in the United States.

In March of 2013, we will participate in a statewide anti-bullying campaign with Governor GARY R. Herbert of Utah. I will be speaking in that state to two middle schools and two high schools. I will deliver a one-hour keynote speech about bullying, self-esteem, dreaming big and never giving up. Governor Herbert has deemed that every middle and high School would tune into the online live stream of this event so that all students will benefit.

We are very excited about this event and we will update you with any news to come on this web site and on my Facebook/Twitter platforms.

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