🇨🇦 Melissa Etheridge 🇺🇸 Takes Over World Pride 2014

imagehandlerWith her unique voice and killer songs, Melissa Etheridge has rocked the world for almost three decades! She’s won two Grammys, an Oscar and has a brand new album slated for this September. But when ET Canada sat down with the singer before the Opening Ceremony for “World Pride 2014” in Toronto – we found out Etheridge is most excited about her recent accomplishment – marrying the love of her life “Nurse Jackie” creator Linda Wallem.

Telling ET: “I’m dangerously close to being very corny, but (Linda) was like a dream, she was beautiful, the dress was amazing.” Gushing “I highly recommend falling in love with your best friend, it’s really amazing.”
<> on November 14, 2013 in Pacific Palisades, California.

The singer famously came out back in 1993 – long before it was deemed socially acceptable for a celebrity to speak openly about their sexuality. When asked about how things have changed for her over the years – Melissa recounted: “I was a teenager in the late ’70s… And I was understanding that gay was what I was. And at the time all I knew was that this was a very bad thing. To go from that in my teens to being in my ’50s, married and coming to World Pride, where over the next week there is going to be two million LGBT people here… if you would have told me back then, it would have been hard for me to imagine!”

By STEVEN BANKS 6/23/2014 at 5:23 PM ET
6/23/2014 at 5:23 PM ET

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