The “L” Project

The New B.P

storydownloadBehind every project that is embraced by any community, there is a story. It usually starts with a personal spark from one individual who is moved and motivated by something immediate to do something unusual and extraordinary. That person finds themselves on a journey, gathering or attracting people with similar midsets to compliment and enhance the vision. This is our story, the story of โ€œcare if you shareโ€ โ€“ thew story of how George and Sofia became โ€˜The L Projectโ€™.arrangement

forpeace6How did this all happen?

the-l-projectEver start out with an idea one day, only to feel like you woke up the next with a massive project on your hands? For most people that idea is something like cleaning out the garage. Lets run with that analogy. Imagine you woke up one day, and saw how untidy your neighbours garage was. You decide to do something nice for your neighbourโ€ฆ

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