Canadian Torture Survivors Tell Their Stories

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unnamed (3)Now is the time to end torture everywhere, forever.

Torture is a brutal, dehumanizing act that is never acceptable under any circumstances.

It is banned by 155 countries. Yet it continues to flourish when police are not held accountable and when detainees are hidden from the outside world.

Here’s what else you can do:

  1. Use your voice to help torture victims today
  2. > Take action now

  3. Watch and share this video
  4. > Real stories told by Canadian victims of torture

  5. Tell the world it’s time to stop torture
  6. > Share a #stoptorture update, tweet or selfie

  7. Get active in your community
  8. > > Find out how to get involved

Watch for updates from Amnesty International about other ways you can be part of the #stoptorture campaign.



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