tongueLets take a look at one of the legal firms I contacted for representation, “Howie, Sacks & Henry” on May 7, 2014, the image below is a partial screenshot of the letter I received by email after my enquiry on May 4, 2014. Not only did Mr Dick (gotta love that name) ๐Ÿ™‚ reject to represent me, they addressed me as “Ms” this did not upset me at the time because I am more than aware that I will not obtain legal council due to the fact of my sexuality, but I sent a reply anyway just so they were aware of my acknowledgement and requested they make an adjustment as follows:
Hi Mr Dick

Thank you for the letter of acknowledgement of my request in writing, if I could ask you to correct an error in the “To” section which states “Dear Ms. Kinden” I am a homosexual man but currently single so you may address me as Mr.

Thank you for your attention to this Matter.

Best Regards

The change was made and forwarded to me the next day.
Now the next series of four screen shots were taken from my Google Drive, I give all lawyers when requesting representation access to the files, this means they can only view and read the files, unless I unlock the files, as you can see in the bottom right hand corner of each image it says “CAN VIEW” no one is able to share or download any of the files contained within the Google Drive until I unlock them. A short time ago I received a notification from Google that Mr Dick had shared and downloaded 271 of my files without my consent or knowledge. Now I am really pissed because the only way for him to do such an illegal act is to Hack into my computer and my Google Drive, seems that here in Canada corruption, breach of privacy and a total lack of respect for legislation has no ethical value what so ever, I really don’t know who to trust anymore, but than again I may never trust anyone ever again.





I contacted Mr Dick yesterday to ask what his intentions were, I thought maybe he was going to represent me after all, but not, I am very concerned as to whom he has shared all my documents with. According to his email response he says he only downloaded a couple as to review my case and then destroyed the link but the share list clearly shows he shared more than 250 of my documents. This really truly troubles me how he was able to bypass the lock on my Google Drive.

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