UNAIDS recognizes Indonesia for scaling up HIV testing

UNAIDS Asia-Pacific

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UNAIDS Regional Director Steve Kraus presented Indonesiaโ€™s Health Minister Dr. Nafsiah Mboi with an award for her governments efforts to scale up testing in the country, in a ceremony in Jakarta, Indonesia, on 5 August.

Indonesia has scaled up its treatment and testing programs, making them more widely available despite the challenges of a recent epidemic spread across a vast archipelagic nation.

While the recently released UNAIDS Gap Report highlighted an increase in infections in Indonesia, Mr Kraus stressed that an increase in infections is not a failure of programming, but rather an indicator of the success of the testing program, which in turn leads to more people knowing their status and receiving life saving treatment.

Following the global release of the UNAIDS Gap Report and the AIDS 2014 conference in Melbourne, interest in Indonesiaโ€™s progress in combating HIV and AIDS greatly increased.

Mr. Kraus commended Indonesia for its achievementsโ€ฆ

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