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Mr Dempster

I just want to add something I should have added during the call, these matters are of Workplace Bullying, Harassment and assault, and I will not settle for nothing less than criminal charges being laid against Bernie and yanick if it’s the last thing I do before I leave this world.

You were not there and did not see or experience the hell that I went through during my six months of employment at Richcraft, not to mention Handyman Personnel and where it all started at SunGard.

RBC put derogatory information in my credit files in 2006, and put me through hell, Richcraft being a part of that surnerio, they pinned me to the wall and spit in my face while making me fear for my life. I would have never returned to that site even if they didn’t fire me because I left and ran from that work site in fear that day July 10, 2012

Canada Revenue Agency sexually assaulted me in 2008 with a foreign object during a prostate exam which caused servere pain and bleeding for weeks. They defamed my name, a doctor won’t even see me, even they, the Doctor’s have even assaulted me.

I have tried many times to go to the Local Hospital to get medical attention, but experience major anxiety with just the thought of going and being alone in a room again with a doctor, it terrifies me to the extent I cannot bring myself to go, even though I suffer from insomnia, decreased appetite and grinding of my teeth still today causing extreme pain from earaches, toothaches and headaches. Most times I have to suffer with this pain because I don’t have money to even purchase pain relievers and no one to ask for help because now even the few friends I had, have turned their back on me because they to have had enough and cannot help any longer.

I have received a email tonight to go for an assessment for a possible job opportunity at 8:00 am which I will not be able to attend because I have not not slept in days even though I go to bed and try and sleep to no end

The one thing that amazes me most, from one human being to another, you classify yourself as a Personal Injury Lawyer, may I ask you what you classify just these few details? if not Personal Injury to myself and my well being?

If I may make a suggestion, this situation from my point of view, falls totally on RBC’s shoulders, the guys at Richcraft Bullied, Harassed and assaulted me because they RBC and the staff of SunGard branded me a thief, knowing that during my six years of employment at SunGard I had an estimated income of more than $250,000, and during that two year court battle I struggled to survive, I took no holidays, lived in a junior one bedroom apartment with only internet, telephone, car payment, and insurance, but when they also fired me on Sept 9, 2009 to my amazement I was $55,000 in debt having to file bankruptcy for the second time.

Someone has and will answer for this, I don’t want to get rich, all I want is what was rightfully mine that was unjustly taken away through illegal acts, which is my money. So my suggestion to you and or the president of Richcraft Group of Companies is to bring this matter to the attention of the President of RBC because one way or another, I will get my money back and get the medical attention I desperately require.

In closing I will say that I have the backing of the chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada and The United Nations Human Rights High Commissioner, which I have also filed my complaint with in March of 2014.

Consider this as my offering for mediation, if not acceptable than I am willing to go the distance to pursue it in the courts if the HTRO continues to deny me my Human Rights, because in all honesty, I have nothing left to lose, nor do I fear dead anymore, as a matter of fact, I would welcome it. by Terry Kinden Aug 11, 2014

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  1. I must clear the air, because one Dave Morgan and Andy Coladio, employees of RBC, the ones responsible for what was added to my credit files in 2006 are criminals, that doesn’t mean I think all RBC employees are criminals, just as there are law enforcement officers that are a disgrace to the uniform, doesn’t mean I think all police officers are, we just have to remove those that don’t belong, as there is always one rotten apple in every barrel, in the case of RBC, the corporation is responsible for my current situation and unfortunately they have to be held responsible.

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