My Journey Through Hell (A Personal Story)

Over the course of the last few years I’ve certainly had plenty of time to read, which is now one of my favorite pastimes, not only do I find I’m not alone in my struggle to survive, sometimes I read stories by others of their life struggles and journey through life, it’s almost as though they have probed my mind……..

Bullying Stories

I often hear myself saying that the stories sent to me are so much more tragic then the ones I shared here. But there is much commonality between them, such as the sensitivity of the victims of bullying and how that is exploited by the bullies. Last weekโ€™s news about the death of Robin Williams affected me deeply due to learning of his battle with depression. Now that the proof is coming to light that bullying leads to anxiety which can lead to depression and then what can be the end of that for some breaks my heart. For Lisa below to start by saying she doesnโ€™t have the happily ever after story continues to show that we must share and connect through these stories. We are not alone and I, for one, understand what Lisa talks about here. As usual, thank you, Lisa, for sharing it here. ~Alan Eisenberg

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