Korn Stands up to “Bullying” in New ‘Hater’ Video

Warning: The video below may be considered too graphic for some audiences, viewer discretion advised.

korn-239 In Korn‘s new video for “Hater”, the band seeks to project a positive message, one of empowerment and strength, to those who have been scarred by bullies.

Over the past two decades, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis has been vocal about having been bullied as a youth.

Lyrics aren’t the only way Davis shows his distaste for bullies. Several of the the singer’s prominent tattoos serve as symbols of his struggles against those that beat him down, mentally and physically. On Davis’ left shoulder is a large HIV.

“He got this tattoo as a way to get back at all of the teens in high school who used to bully him and make fun of him,” notes fan site Korn Row. “Now that he has grown and moved past all the taunting, he views the tattoo as a symbol of the fact that he has been strong enough to overcome that adversity and become a successful musician.”

Director David Yarovesky assembled shots of people covered in white paint being drenched in blood, scarring themselves, slitting wrists and worse, as their innocence is stripped and suicide becomes an avenue of relief. Interspersed with the bloody images are stories from real people about surviving bullies’ attacks.

“In the end, I guess I want to say thank you to the boys because you made me who I am today,” says one of the girls in the video. “I’m one badass chick. So, thank you for being a dick.”

The video accompanies the band’s latest single from The Paradigm Shift, Korn’s current album.

View Source Radio.com By Jay Tilles – Aug 21, 2014