Am I Useless?

Sophie makes some great points here and from my point of view as a survivor of Bullying and Mobbing, I confirm that those people (Bullies) lack Empathy and have a total disrespect for humanity, because they hurt and project it upon others and are only guided by greed and the satisfaction and pleasure of watching others suffer.
They are also the ones responsible for all the chaos in the world today

Bullying Stories

Sophie, the person who wrote the article โ€œWhy Are We So Hurtful To Othersโ€ here a little while ago, shares another article about how we treat each other. This is an area I am fascinated by, particularly in light of recent terrorist cruelty that is unspeakable in the acts done. How can we, as a society, learn to treat each other with respect and understand what it means to hurt someone to the point that they react in a way that is not their character? Thank you, Sophie for continuing to share your thoughts on bullying here. It is much appreciated. ~Alan Eisenberg

Bullying. That word stands alone. Alone like how a victim of bullying feels. I will neverย understand why some people feel they can gain power by bullying others and why beingย cruel makes them feel at the top of the pyramid. Why is it their priority in life toโ€ฆ

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