The Demon’s

This is my first video in the Demon series of Workplace Bullying, Harassment, Sexual Assault and Assault.

The Hearing after two years has been scheduled for Sept 17, 2014 and yesterday my lawyer decides she is to busy with another case, I wonder Why?

Justice? where? as I always said there is no Justice in Canada

Stay tuned as I will be taking a break from my regular routine as these (MY LIFE) has precedence now… lotsa luv

To the Newly elected Premier of Ontario I hereby say to you, I am shocked that you are not appalled as 80% of my concerns are within the confines of your state (province).

I lived the majority of my life from 1983 to 2009 in the province of Ontario, the only time I felt secure was when I lived in the gay village in downtown Toronto, once relocating north to Downsview after which I spent the majority of my life fighting my my rights.

I was sexually assaulted, Bullied, Harassed and fired from my employment of six years because in 2004 I would not let Equifax, Royal Bank, Rogers, Bell etc. and select other financial institutions steal money from me by bringing my concerns to a court of law whereas I received a judgement but lost everything anyway.

So is the moral of this situation, I should have done nothing and let them steal my vehicle and money because in their eyes I was just a “FAG”, is that what it is to be LGBT in Canada? to just shut up and say or do nothing or else? is this what “JUSTICE” in Canada is based on? because after 30 years it’s the only conclusion I can draw!!!


Investigative Reporting


Justin Trudeau, what a fool I was to put my trust in him and his party! a bunch of Bullies, calling my home every day for a week and hanging up when I answered, and thatโ€™s just the beginning of what heโ€™s put me through here in Quebec these last few years.

Out of guilt and a cover up, he paraded around hiding in plain site in the gay pride celebrations which was also a ploy to get your votes.

Donโ€™t be fooled like I was, he really suffers from homophobia!!!

He is also just another greedy politician looking to get rich and an immature spoiled brat, what an insult to the great Mr Trudeau.

Canada Would be in serious trouble if he gets elected and I’m going to do everything in power to see that don’t happen, it can’t happen, as much as I would hate to see it but I’d rather see Harper reelected!!

I will tell you now I have 1000’s of followers and, people are afraid!

I also believe that the next room here in the house is rented by a member of the local police.
A guy late 20’s who only comes maybe by once every couple of weeks, he has been living here for 6 months.

The last time he came by or home was two weeks ago and he showed up or was chased by the local Police regarding a personal issue of his, I heard them talking but stayed in my room.

They eventually knocked on my bedroom door for the house phone number, which of course I gave them but recorded the conversation as I record all the time now.

Call me paranoid but thats a lot of money, to pay $400 a month rent for a room and only come by once every two or three weeks, kinda strange don’t you think for a college student on a training allowance? I do.

Just last weekend there was another guy who was only here for two days, the first time I saw him he wanted to access my computer to get my IP address, which I told him nobody touches my machine, as that’s the way to gain access to my computer, I’m guessing he was from one of the service providers.

He told me during the conversation the best place for me was in alberta, I stayed in my room until I was told he was gone.

Remember I am willing to die so whatever you do to me I will post it and maybe I will get lucky and you will honor my wish.

Was I ever mistaken about the Liberal Party of Canada, next year 2015 vote for the Green Party if you value this great Country of ours!

For the Complete Case File follow the link below: