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Adults-Being-Bullied-642x336Instances of adults being bullied are more common than people think. While the everyday person associates the word โ€œBullyingโ€ with school children and teens. The image of bullying is more distorted and affects people of all ages and walks of life. NoBullying writes today about adults being bullied.
An adult being bullied is not that uncommon, in fact, adult bullying happens in colleges, workplaces, social organizations and even in the form of relationship bullying, spousal abuse and homosexual bullying.
By definition, a bully is someone who uses force, threats or other means to control or manipulate another person. Bullying tactics are used by individuals of all ages, sexes, genders as well as ethnic and religious persuasions. Adults are bullied for financial gain, revenge or to assert the bullyโ€™s power and control. Whatever the circumstances, the results can cause lasting damage toโ€ฆ

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