The Difference Between a Boss and a Leader

The New B.P

Not all bosses are great leaders and not all leaders are bosses. Do you know the difference between a boss and a leader? Which should you aspire to be?
great-leadershipEveryone has a boss. Even bosses have bosses whether they work for major corporations or small businesses. Owners of such enterprises themselves have the shareholders or customers to answer to in order to keep the business moving and growing.
In todayโ€™s fast-paced, competitive and money driven society, the boss has, in many cases, ceased from being a leader and has strictly become a higher up who spouts orders and expects them to be obeyed without question. Such behavior has resulted in businesses being filled with disgruntled employees who no longer work for the common good of the company, but reluctantly show up to their โ€œjobโ€ in order to draw a paycheck or become ravenous dogs fighting it out for the topโ€ฆ

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