Bullying Gone Viral: Bystander effect presents itself in social media


This blatant act of violence indicates an utter lack of empathy not only within the attackers, but also within the bystanders

A video posted on Youtube, showing a group of teens bullying and assaulting a mentally ill man, blew up on social media. The Twitter trend #JusticeForCoran quickly became popular on Twitter and Facebook. It showed at least three different people taking turns punching, kicking, and at one point, slamming Coran to the ground. The teens physically and emotionally abused the victim.
Throughout the video, Coran is constantly asking the boys, โ€œWhat I do?โ€. At one point, one of the guys taking turns hurting Coran gets into the camera and mocks him. Coran was a seemingly harmless man over the age of 20 who didnโ€™t know any better and who thought he could rely on this group of teens as his friends.

Apparently, the world we live in is one in which people think itโ€™s okay to abuse the mentally ill because they are different and donโ€™t fit into the norm.

I find it sickening that anyone could do such a thing. How could anyone find this fun or amusing in any way? I can only imagine if it was their sister, brother, or any family member who was being attacked. What then? Society seems to not care about victims unless they share a personal connection. The fact of the matter is Coran does have people who cared about him; and by doing this, that group of teens not only hurt Coran, but also those people who love him.

I feel in incidents like this, when the criminals are minors, they should have all rights to protection of privacy and identity taken away from them. They should be publicly interviewed and held accountable for their actions. They should be obligated to answer the question of why they would do such a thing and why they would think it okay to do so. These teens need to know that they cannot hide behind the protection of being under the age of 18; and society is not going to continue to tolerate bullying, especially the bullying of those who cannot or will not protect themselves.

Their age will not always save them from the embarrassment of allowing people to know their identities; nor will it always allow them to have such lenient punishments. This case is reminiscent of the Slender Man stabbing, with two 12 year-old girls charged as adults, according to NBC.

In cases of such extreme violence, age is not an excuse.ย The bystanders are the worst of them all.

I feel that this would have never happened if someone would have only spoken up and told someone what was going on or stood up for Coran and tried to protect him. The bystandersโ€™ lack of initiative shows that our society is beginning to grow more cowardly by turning a blind eye to violence.

The end to bullying begins with you.

Posted: Saturday, September 27, 2014 3:00 pm – By A’Shondee Kinlaw – view source



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