Poll finds many Canadians feel bullied at work


Many chose to stay quiet about the issue

987fe6a14f76a535f8c7d0c79ed8-190x250VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Some disturbing numbers about bullying in the workplace are coming to light.

A new poll by CareerBuilder.ca finds nearly half of all Canadians who responded feel they’ve been bullied at the office, with many blaming their bosses as the main tormenter.

What’s really sad about these statistics is one-quarter of respondents say they actually left a job because they felt they were constantly picked on.

Unfortunately, many workers chose to stay silent about feeling bullied. Meanwhile less than half actually reported it to HR, with less than half reporting nothing was done to fix the problem.

“Our results showed that, despite the prevalence of workplace bullying, many workers do not come forward to report it, and many of those who do feel their complaints aren’t heard,” says Mark Bania, Director of CareerBuilder Canada.

More than half took the problem into their own hands and some had good results. More than one-quarter say the bullying stopped but almost the same number said the issue continued. Two per cent said the problem only got worse.

From intimidation to insults, bullying occurs in many forms. When asked how they felt bullied, workers gave the following responses:

  • They were falsely accused of making mistakes: 54 per cent
  • They were ignored – their comments were dismissed or not acknowledged: 51 per cent
  • The boss or co-workers constantly criticized them: 37 per cent
  • Different standards or policies applied to them that didn’t apply to others: 35 per cent
  • They were the topic of office gossip: 35 per cent
  • Co-workers made belittling comments about them during meetings: 32 per cent
  • The boss yelled at them in front of other co-workers: 24 per cent
  • Others purposely excluded them from projects or meetings: 21 per cent
  • Others picked on them for personal attributes (e.g. race, gender, appearance): 16 per cent
  • Someone stole credit for their work: 15 per cent

When it comes to the biggest workplace bullies, those who have felt bullied at work say bosses are No. 1 tyrants (49%), followed closely by co-workers (47%). Thirty-two percent of workplace bully victims say a customer was the culprit, and 23% felt victimized by a higher-up at the company other than their boss.

Half of office bullying victims say their bullies are older than them, and 28% say their bullies are younger. Twenty-two percent are bullied by people their own age.

When it comes to reporting the problem, the majority of office workers choose to keep silent. Only 44% of workplace bully victims report the problem to HR, and 54% of those workers say no action was taken to relieve the situation.

Fifty-five percent of those who say they’re bullied have taken matters into their own hands to varying results. Twenty-six percent of workers say the bullying stopped when they confronted their tormentor; however, 28% also confronted their bully only to see the bullying continue, and another 2% say the bullying got even worse.

“Workers should feel comfortable coming forward if they feel they are being bullied,” Bania adds, “and employers should take these complaints seriously, as they can lead to larger problems that affect not just the individual employee but the entire organization.”


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Sonia Aslam VANCOUVER – NEWS1130 – November 12, 2014

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