WE the Peoples- Celebrating 7 Million Voices

we the people

4_stretchy_menGathering the voices of over 7 Million People through the MY World Survey is no small feat. And I would like to thank to MY World Voters and over 900 committed partners worldwide who have brought voices of the people to the United Nations.

This report reminds me of the Charter of the United Nations that was signed nearly 70 years ago at the birth of the United Nations. โ€œWe the peoples of the United Nationsโ€, the first phrase of the Founding Charter, highlights the inclusive nature of the United Nations. Inclusion and social participation are the underlying foundation of the creation of the United Nations.

The report represents our common aspirations and goals, regardless of nationality, gender, age, or background. We can see MY World as a testimony to the peopleโ€™s wish to practice tolerance, live in peace, maintain security and promote social and economic development when they are asked to voice their priorities for the next 15 years to come.

stress-smiley-face-man-ballThe MDGs have proven to be a powerful tool in embodying a shared global vision and development framework addressing poverty and hunger and advance human development.

However the MDGs did not adequately address many other issues such as productive employment, social protection, inequalities, social exclusion, peace and security, governance, the rule of law and human rights.

Today we are celebrating 7 million people voices that had been gathered through the MY World Survey, including the voices of the most marginalised groups. Approximately 1 in every 1,000 people around the world has had the opportunity to say what matters most to them and their answers continue to be shared with policy makers at all levels.

I have confidence that through the resolve of our collective efforts, we can accomplish much more. Itโ€™s time for us to think big, to be ambitious. Imagine 7 Billion voices reflects in the new development goals, imagine every person on the planet will know what the goals are when they are adopted in September 2015, imagine the new goals are a collective responsibility โ€”both for leaders and people.

Imagine we are all prepared to work together to ensure that these post-2015 goals become a reality.

I invite you to read the new report: We the Peoples: Celebrating 7 Million Voices.
Thank you.

Jan Eliasson
United Nations Deputy Secretary-General

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