Kinden v. le Centre De Pieces Recyclees De L’ Outaouais


Stay tuned for the latest development in this and Kinden v. Royal Bank of Canada

The court gives a defendant 20 days to file a defence, on Oct 20, 2014 I filed my claim, due to I put a down payment on a vehicle which was never delivered nor would they return my money.ย On Dec 3, 2014 I had to file for defaultย Judgementย because the defendant did not file aย defence, after which I did receive the defendants defence late on Dec 12, 2014, DID the local small claims court hold back the defence submission or DID the court staff accepted a defence outside the court rules? you decide because it’s not just the ability to make a statement but it’s also the ability to supply evidence to support that claim.

I have also obtained Part-Time employment at easyhome, 320 MacArthur Ave store #524 on Oct 23, 2014 and I will only say that going to work is the hardest and most difficult task that I will ever undertake, which I don’t expect to ever change no matter how good things appear, a defence mechanism you can’t turn off.

Update: On April 12, 2015 the case went before the courts here in Gatineau, to make a long story short, even though he had my $1000.00 in hand, before going in front of the judge we sat down for “Mediation” with a court representative, at which time I decided out of kindness to settle for half the money back, $500.00 after which intensified the harassment.

Update April 7, 2017 –ย Sometimes you have to do things you would prefer not to do but life situations change that. I have decided that I would get rid of the car as the money can assist right now, not to mention that it has been a headache parked here.
I mentioned to the landlord my intentions a few weeks ago regarding the car and I received a visitor last week interested in buying it, whom called a few times but we never connected until today he showed up and put a deposit down of $50, two hours ago he said he would be back in an hour, my receptors are fluctuating again, seems when I sense deception, a bad feeling chances are…..another rare commodity, TRUST!