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FIGHTING BACK: Anti-Bullying Video Goes Viral
nobullCLARK COUNTY — Fighting back against bullying. A Clark County teen is taking a stand and getting national attention, through an online video describing how he was bullied for six long years. Hunter Reynolds is a freshman at Northeastern High School. After school, he works the concession stand at sporting events. But he wasn’t always comfortable standing shoulder to shoulder with his classmates. “I’ve been bullied. Been called gay or a fag. A whole bunch of harsh words. I’ve been shoved in my locker before,” he said.
For six long years, hunter was bullied, in school, online, and via text. At one point he even attempted suicide.
“Sometimes I feel like it would be easier for me to go away,” he said. “It used to be where it would happen at school and you would get home and it’s a relief. But now there’s…

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