Anti Bullying Day in Canada


images (18)Why do we need an Anti bullying Day in Canada?

Anti-Bullying-Day-in-Canada-642x336A male ninth grader was bullied on his first day of school for wearing pink in a Nova Scotia high school. Since then, the last Wednesday of the month of February in known as anti bullying day and celebrated all over Canada. David Shepherd and Travis Price of Berwick from Nova Scotia decided to turn the day around by wearing pink shirts to school as well as distribute 50 pink shirts that carry slogans against bullying. They became organizers of the anti bullying day. Among the slogans the pink t-shirts carry are โ€œBullying Stops Hereโ€ and โ€œPink Shirt Dayโ€.

tshirtStudents engage in fun activities on this day which are aimed at raising awareness about bullying, its implications as well as tips on how can one stand against it. these are some of the positive aspects of getting an Anti bullying Day in Canada.

People can host anti bullying day at school, in their workplaces and anywhere they deem acceptable. Bands are invited to play to abolish bullying and encouraged to write songs that deem bullying as unacceptable behaviour.

Giving out information is part out the dayโ€™s activities. People can volunteer to set up booths or work in already existing booths informing people about the effects of bullying and pointing out organizations that can help out the kids, the bullies, the teachers or the care-takers of the students.


Also competitions are held with the intention of sending the message of the rejection of the bullying behaviour via simple and creative ideas such as printing out t-shirts, badges and banners that carry anti bullying original slogans and put it on display for communities such as your school, neighbourhood or workplace. People are very responsive to positive initiatives and could find themselves engaging in happenings of the day later.

It is very effective in schools as children who are bullied to find the encouragement to report their abusers and the bullies who are committing such wrong actions find themselves unwelcome by their peers. It also encourages bystanders to interfere positively to help out the victim and report the bully to supervisors or teachers without fearing the judgement of his schoolmates or being labelled as a teller on them.

During that day, everyone is encouraged to wear pink and spread messages of love and not hate. You can create your own t-shirt and come up with your own slogan or you can have pink t-shirts and caps delivered to you through who are specialized in having pink Shirt day merchandise delivered to your door step. You can share them with your friends at school or your family members.

jTx4zpbTEWhatever the approach you decide to adopt on anti bullying day, it sure does deliver the message that bullying is not to be tolerated anywhere where you can see it. Also, you do not have to wait for anti bullying day to announce your refusal of bullying, talking to people in school or at work about it sure helps the cause of raising enough awareness to help combat it. Published 22nd Apr 2013 | Updated: 4th Jun 2014


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