Parents Say Bullying Drove Daughter To Suicide


A middle school student in Bardstown took her own life just days before Christmas and her family says it happened because she was being bullied at school.


Reagan was a normal 7th grader who loved Starbucks, taking selfies and traveling. However her parents, Bill and Melanie Hack, say that their bubbly daughter had reached a breaking point with a group of female bullies at her middle school. With a bottle of pills, the Hacks say their daughter attempted to numb the pain.

Regan collapsed and died a few days later.

Now the living room in the family’s home is stuck in time, Christmas morning. Nothing in the home has been touched and the presents have not been opened.

Sad-sulk-sad-unhappy-smiley-emoticon-000474-facebookHindsight in situations like these is always 20/20. The Hacks say they believe they could have done more to help their daughter but they say the school should have done more too.

Melanie says she visited the school three times this semester to take up the issue with the school’s principal, but the threats and name calling continued. Regan’s home wasn’t even a safe haven for the 12-year-old because the bullying was also bad on social media.

But now the Hacks, and families of kids in similar situations, have rallied around the memory of Regan vowing to spread a message.

โ€œMy daughter doesn’t have a voice anymore, but this community is gonna make sure she does. And I’m damn sure gonna make sure she does,โ€ says Bill Hacks.

If there’s anything positive to come out of Regan’s tragedy, Bill and Melanie say their daughter was an organ donor.

Watch the video and learn more here – Posted: Jan 01, 2015


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