Anti-Bullying Expert Launches Toolkit to Help Educators, Parents, and Students Address Bullying


With widespread violence sweeping the nation as a result of bullying, Christi Monk & Associates is pleased to announce the launch of a free bullying toolkit to provide schools and their surrounding communities with guidance that supports a bully-free environment.

gI_90307_bullying_toolkit_cover_small2The Creating a Culture of Connectedness bullying toolkit is available in three variations for educators, parents, and students so that each segment can clearly understand how to prevent and identify bullying behaviors.

The Creating a Culture of Connectedness bullying toolkit was written and developed by Dr. Christi Monk, DM, of Christi Monk and Associates. Dr. Monk received her doctoral degree in Management of Organizational Leadership Studies from the University of Phoenix, is a graduate and certified trainer of the Workplace Bullying Institute, and leadership consultant. Dr. Monk learned through these accomplishments, experiencing bullying firsthand, and extensive research that bullying behaviors are learned at the onset of childhood and that the behavior is likely to continue as an adult in the workplace if it is not properly addressed. All of these elements motivated Dr. Monk to create the toolkit in order to confront bullying early on so that it doesnโ€™t continue throughout oneโ€™s life.

3โ€œAlthough bullying is not 100% preventable, I have developed a strategy that allows parents, educators, and students to step in and do something before bullying occurs or when they see it taking place,โ€ said Dr. Christi Monk, DM. This toolkit is the framework that will catapult schools and communities into developing comprehensible, sustainable programs and initiatives to support school safety and improve learning.โ€

โ€œBullying prevention and awareness is the responsibility of everyone.

Tips the Toolkit Mentions:

For Educators: Next to parents, educators spend the most time with students and have the ability to influence them positively and negatively. One trick of the trade is to have students define what bullying looks like to them and use those words to frame the rules of the classroom, and hold the students accountable when those actions occur.

5390776273993728For Parents: Only 16% of parents report bullying to the school. This is indicative that there are opportunities for parents to connect with their children on a deep level to intervene before it is too late. Create a safe home environment first. By doing so, your child will be more prone to sharing his or her negative experiences at school.

For Students: Know your rights as a student. Do not remain silent. When you witness bullying, report it to an adult immediately.
The free toolkit is available here and on Christi Monk and Associateโ€™s website. Dr. Monk and her staff also offer anti-bullying seminars and leadership trainings for schools and organizations nationwide. Visit for more information.

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About Christi Monk & Associates

Christi Monk & Associates was developed as a conduit for improving how organizations foster cultures that improve leadership behaviors while enhancing and sustaining employee and student engagement. We partner with small to mid-size businesses (public and non-profit), schools, CEOs, HR professionals, and advocacy groups for anti-bullying, leadership coaching, and conflict resolution services


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