“Play With Me” Anti-Bullying Video


downloadColeman Steele is singing about being friends and belonging! The lyrics are perfect for an identity safe preschool or Kinder classroom. Published on Sep 17, 2014 the Anti-bullying version of Sam Smith’s Stay with Me sung by” Coleman Steele and children Lyrics”


Why you frowning at me, it won’t hurt to smile
I just asked to play your game a while
When you’re older I know you’ll understand
You can’t say you can’t play so take my hand

Oh won’t you play with me
images (5)Come follow my lead
Feeling left out’s not what we need
So come on, play with me

Why am I so emotional?
Being left out of games hurts my soul
Get so knocked down, wipe off the dirt
You can play with me so it doesn’t hurt

You can visit Coleman Steele’s YouTube Page Here


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