What would be your one question about South Sudan?


Do you have a question? I thought I would share this email, What would you like to ask Forest Whitaker about South Sudan?

images (2)We wanted to give you a heads up about an important upcoming trip and to give you a unique chance to get involved.

This weekend, UN Humanitarian Chief Valerie Amos and Oscar Winning Actor and UN ambassador Forest Whitaker are visiting South Sudan.

This is a rare opportunity to speak directly to two influential and committed global figures. Please email hello@messengersofhumanity.org

Why are they visiting?

South Sudan has been in the grip of one of the world’s worst conflicts and humanitarian crises for more than a year now. Almost every single person in the country has been affected in some way. Thousands have been killed or injured, often in the most gruesome ways imaginable. Millions have been forced to flee their homes. Even children haven’t been spared the grim horrors. In fact, Forest has a charity in South Sudan that works on restoring peace and stability in fragile communities.

This is also Valerie’s last visit to the country before she finishes as UN Humanitarian Chief.

So how can you get involved?

smiley_face_cameraWe’re sending a documentary crew to cover the mission. One of our team is travelling with them, and has agreed to ask them questions on your behalf. So… Send us your questions and we’ll do all we can to get as many of them answered by Valerie and Forest on film.

We’re looking for questions related to South Sudan and the humanitarian situation there. Maybe you want to ask Forest why he cares so much about the country? Or perhaps you want to ask Valerie her opinion on how long the crisis will continue?

We’re looking forward to your questions.

Keep an eye out for a lot more on this mission and on the situation in South Sudan.

Messengers Of Humanity


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