Myths About Suicide

If you knew a real life suicide was to be carried out on-line for the world to see, would you watch???

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SuicideSuicide is one of the most stigmatized acts, yet those who die by suicide are those who needed our assistance the most. This post will debunk some of the common myths about suicide, based on the research of Thomas Joiner in his book Myths About Suicide.

Popular myths are that people who commit suicide are cowardly, selfish, or impulsive; but in fact, Joiner has demonstrated just the opposite. People who are most at risk of dying by suicide are actually less fearful (hence the opposite of cowardly), unselfish in their perceptions, rational in their preparation, and conscious in their decision.

Those who die by suicide are not cowardly. In fact, those who have completed suicide are those who are least fearful since they were able to overcome the brainโ€™s survival mechanism based in the amygdala. The desire to commit suicide, as previously talked about, is fundamentally producedโ€ฆ

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