CCOHS Launches e-course on Bullying, Domestic Violence


Domestic violence and bullying in the workplace cost businesses money every year in lost productivity (through absenteeism, tardiness and inability to perform duties) and compromises the safety of the organization and its workers.

1954246244_1386598483The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) has released two e-courses that focus on violence related topics, domestic violence and bullying, to help people understand the impact these forms of violence can have on the workplace and how risks can be mitigated.

Domestic Violence in the Workplace:

Although domestic violence may not be recognized by some as a workplace hazard, it can interfere with the victim at work and impact a workplace. This e-course will help participants understand the effects of domestic violence on the organization and its workers, and how to recognize the signs and symptoms of domestic violence. The course will also identify the roles of the employer, supervisors and employees in supporting victims, and preventing related workplace violence.

Bullying in the Workplace:

Bullying is becoming increasingly recognized as a serious workplace problem that can cause undue stress, anxiety, and low morale among workers. This e-course will help participants recognize the signs of bullying, understand the effects of bullying on the organization and its workers, and mitigate the risks.

The e-courses were developed in collaboration with the Public Services Health and Safety Association and are available in English and French.

Published 30 April 2015 in Training Stories Exclusive


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