Bruce Weinstein’s New Book

Here’s a book that I would recommend to numerous individuals and business tycoon’s alike.

“The Good Ones” Ten Crucial Qualities of High Character Employee’s.

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Bruce Weinsteinโ€™s New Book

Bruce Weinstein is also known as โ€œThe Ethics Guy.โ€ I consider him a friend and enjoy and approve of his work. He has a blog which I recommend you visit, favorite, and return to often.

And now he has a new book called, The Good Ones: Ten Crucial Qualities of High-Character Employees. You can get it on Amazon, here.

His theme is that character is critical to success but it is not given priority in the hiring process. So, he gives guidance on what to look for in an employee that indicates high character.

Heโ€™s, of course, right, and since he has been dealing with these issues for some years, he has insights worth sharing.

Buy the book.

James Pilant

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