Marriage Equality: Bring Your Family With You

I’m re sharing this post originally posted April 27 lets not forget as May 22nd approaches and also to reconfirm The New B.P’s solidarity with Ireland’s LGBT community. โ€ช#โ€ŽVoteYESโ€ฌ on the marriage equality referendum!

The New B.P



Irish LGBT youth and parents coalition call for a Yes vote in the forthcoming marriage equality referendum.

4621829428740096 The BeLonG To lead coalition call on everyone to talk to their family and friends about why marriage equality is so important and to work for a Yes votebegging-1_zps0cb66a36The coalition includes: Barnardos, Headstrong, Youth Work Ireland, Migrant Rights Centre Ireland, Pavee Point Traveller & Roma Centre, EPIC โ€“ Empowering Young People in Care, Childrenโ€™s Rights Alliance, Childline โ€“ ISPCC, Forรณige, Loving Our Out Kids, Yes Equality

Cast: Brian Gleeson, Aaron Heffernan, Ruth McCabe, Steve Wall, Elva Trill, Kelly Campbell, Denise McCormack, Eric Lalor, Alan Archbold, Chris Newman, Scott Graham, Sarah Jane Seymour, Emily Oโ€™Callaghan

Voiceover: Norma Sheahan โ€“ Written & Directed by Aoife Kelleher and Hugh Rodgers โ€“ Produced by Invisible Thread Films

Executive Producer: Michael Barron Copyright BeLonG To Youth Services 2015

Thank you to all the extras who generouslyโ€ฆ

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